Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lambs on the rocks

Surely no lambing field is complete without a suitable highpoint specifically for the purpose of playing "King of the Castle!"
The girls, Lunde and Kate find a rock which seems suitable for the purpose...
Boys, Wiggy and Braeface, soon stamp their claim! I love Wiggy's beautiful chocolate brown fleece; he's a very smart little chap. Braeface has a super fine and crimpy grey fleece.

Lunde demonstrates the similarities between Shetlands and mountain goats. Kate and Braeface are more interested in what Chris is up to.
Well done Braeface, you're the king now...But you've got company!

The lambs are doing a lot of exploring now and getting themselves into mischeif. There were two outside the field this morning and we have had to go round plugging up holes with anything that comes to hand. Here is Chris with Kate after he had removed burs from her head and fleece!


Nancy K. said...

The lambs are growing so quickly! What a wonderful environment they have. How are you dealing with the predator threat?

Jenny Holden said...

I've moved them into a paddock close to a neighbour's house, just opposite the one that they were in but with jacobs in the field next door too: they don't take kindly to foxes, etc. I locked the newborns into the shelter for 48 hours to get them on their feet properly. It seems to have worked but there is very little graze for them in there so they are eating a fortune's worth of ewe nuts, high energy tubbys and hay. It is also rather muddy after the recent rain, but you can't have everything. Can't wait til they're big enough to move back over.

Nancy K. said...

Oh, Jenny! We've GOT to get you a couple of livestock guardian dogs!!


Jenny Holden said...

Yes, Chris and I were just talking through our dilemma. Now I've got a headache and feel rather stressed :o(

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Jenny - are those reeds I see in the pasture near the rocks? I saw ALLOT of reeds in pastures in Northern Ireland! Glad the babies are safe, I'm sure you can't wait to move them back soon too!Just had a hawk fly over that I encouraged to leave our yard, a great horned catching mice in the field, haven't seen the fox for over a week thankfully, and no bears here as of yet although they are showing up in Anchorage again. Been busy delivering dairy goat kids, just had triplets out of a first time mom last night - phew!When you coming up?? Herding trials here this coming weekend, I'm taking a break at the moment because I'm pooped already!