Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Twins

To cheer me up Geherda produced these two little boys yesterady afternoon. Chris and I shut them into the little field shelter overnight and Chris slept in the lamb paddock to keep them all safe. Goodness knows how he will cope in the next few days as I have to go to Norway for work. I never thought that I'd be so gutted to have an expenses paid trip abroad!

Opinions on colour and markings anyone? Fawn(?) katmoget, yuglet, bersugget, sokket!?


Rayna said...

I can't blow the pics up, but it looks like one fawn and one grey katmoget. Look at the eyelid colors, if it's pink, it's fawn, if it's black, it's a grey (or black, not sure what you guys call it over there...Not AG Grey (fading) but we still call 'em gray kats for some reason) katmoget.

Nancy K. said...

What beautiful Katmoget lambs! I'd say the second photo is a spotted Kat. Probably "smirslet". Quite the handsome boys!

Have you and Chris discussed the option of Livestock Guardian Dogs? I would think that's what you're going to need to protect your flock when they're 'afield'...

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks Nancy and Rayna, they are certainly interesting patterns! I'll get some more photos as they get bigger.

We've talked about a ilvestock guardian dog but we're not in a position to get one right now and they are not easily come by over here. I don't know of anyone who uses one let along breeds them! We're taking Fox up to let him have a pee around the paddock! Maybe a llama would be the answer.

Laura said...

Sorry to here about your little ewe lamb. Hopefully you won't have any more losses. I'd agree with Nancy on the pattern of the lamb.

t.knight435 said...


it is very sad when you lose something so small, and I know that having lost a lamb in the last few days not the way you did but a loss never the less. good luck with your new life
look forward to reading about your progress with the beavers....there is talk of releasing beavers into Roadford Lake just up the road from us in Devon.. Best of luck and hope lambing goes well.