Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Lambs!

Lambs at last! I'm so proud of these little cuties. After a couple of weeks of watching the girls getting fatter and fatter and milk bags stretching until some were looking ready to burst, the first lambs born to the Smali Flock have arrived.

The funny thing is that they were actually a surprise because when I checked and fed the girls at 7am, nothing was happening. Then when I returned at lunchtime I Gruna had her little ewe lamb dried off and feeding, while Gula was just cleaning off her little tup.

No one else has done anything yet, but I'm writing this and then heading back there.

Ewe lamb Smali Kate is a black krunet, or perhaps smirslet (please advise!). Or at least I thought that she was black, but looking more closely she could turn out shaela or another shade of grey. She looks silvery next to the skin. I'll have to wait and see! Gruna is a moorit and comes from a long line of moorit sheep so the colour and pattern are all dad!

Tup lamb Smali Bazil is a mooit/fawn (have to wait and see?!) bersugget katmoget. He's a socking lamb and a real explorer too. He was leaping around just a couple of hours after birth and mum Gula has to keep close tabs on him already.

Our friends Baz and Kate had just arrived to stay for the weekend when these two were born and Kate is also my little sister's name so Chris suggested that we christened them Bazil and Kate and it has stuck. So much for everyone beginning with A this year!


Shula said...

Congratulations on your Easter babies, they are both very cute. I hate the wait at lambing time but teh arrival always seems to make it worthwhile.

Nancy K. said...

AGAIN with the beautiful photos!! I want a phone like yours. ;-)

I'd say your little Kate will be a grey. The white in her ears (and I suspect 'sugar lips') is the give-away. She's beautiful smirslet (the white extends beyond the top of her head, down onto her muzzle). I wish I had a grey in my flock again. One of these days Alice will give me a grey ewe lamb and I'll keep her!

Happy Easter, Dear Friend from over the Ocean!

corinne said...

Congats! Beautiful babies : ).

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too cute!!!