Monday, 14 February 2011

Time to Blog!

Hello Bloggers!

Let me begin with an apology, there is no excuse for the tardiness of this blog post, I simply have not been feeling quite myself and blogging is one of the things that has suffered, even though I suppose I have plenty to blog about and it might even have made me feel a little better; particularly when I read the lovely comments that some of you leave.

2011 is going well so far, even if the rest of it is a little off in the clouds at the moment. Chris and I are planning our wedding for June 21st (the Solstice of course!) and are also setting up in business together. Because he is so ill with his Chronic Cluster Headaches, and because we do really want to base ourselves in Cumbria for the foreseeable, we think that going self employed will be the answer. So if anyone needs any wildlife surveys or advice, or wants some wildlife training delivering (anywhere in the UK... or indeed further afield!), look no further!
The sheep are looking well and we have finally found a place to move the girls so that they have good new graze for lambing time. We have visited a few plots that are for sale but are reluctant to commit ourselves before we know where our income will be coming from!

I have been spinning some of the wool that Michelle over at Boulderneigh very kindly sent me a while ago now. It is lovely roving and really forgiving to work with so thanks very much. I have even joined a knitting group so that I might be able to make something from it. Must take better photos of woolly things!

Danny is doing well and we try to get out together every other day or so: although weather stopped play last week as it was gale force winds and torrential rain for much of the time. I think he'd like a bit more exercise judging by his antics in the field, the ruddy grazing is all chewed up! But he does look great.

Fox and Whisper seem to be enjoying life home in Cumbria, particularly the space: no more constant dodging of spruce trees! They get a good sprint down the beach, through the lovely ancient woodland, or over the local common every day and have also been enjoying exploring the pieces of land that we've been viewing.

When it is all written down like this life appears to be pretty good. Now that does make me feel a little better :o)