Friday, 1 May 2009

A beautiful Beltane

Happy May Day every one! Of course, it being May Day today means that last night must have been Beltane: the ancient Celtic celebration of fertility and the arrival of summer. In Edinburgh there is an annual Beltane festival something that Chris and I would love to attend but have never quite managed yet. Usually we would be sitting around a fire somewhere with music playing and beer flowing.

This year however we are rather far from home and also still tending the ewes and their young lambs closely, so we settled for a romantic stroll along the estuary watching the mist over the water and a stunning sunset.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Happy May Day :-). Beautiful view!

Carol said...

What a beautiful world you live in. Do you raise the sheep for the wool? I met a lady here in the states that would let you pick out the wool you wanted your item made from...while it was still on the sheep. Then she cut it, and spun it. Didnt dye it unless you really wanted her to. It was very interesting.

I'll be coming back.