Saturday, 25 April 2009

New Flock Members

I managed to get a shot of almost the whole colourful little gang! From the top: Lunde, Ruby's son (Tayvallich perhaps...), Bazil, big twinnie, Wiggy, Braeface, mummy's boy and Kate. Clearly we have some more names to think of!

The only one missing is "little twinnie" so here he is with his brother (he's the one on the right).
There are rather too many boys for my liking but I am delighted with the lambs. They are fit healthy and the colours and spots are amazing.


Garrett808 said...

it looks as though several of your other lambs have Ag too :) The black in front has the classic sugar lips! ANd so does one of your katmogets by the look of it. Ag is really pretty I think.

How many rams and ewes now? how many more ewes to lamb?

Jenny Holden said...

Yes, Kate is definitely going to be grey, although she is much darker than Braeface. I'll try to get some individual photos posted.

I've now got 2 ewes and 7 rams, a ratio that doesn't fill me with joy but at least the freezer will be full, and I'm quite impressed with some of the boys so they might find homes as tups.

Donna said...

Very cute and varied lambs- congrats!

Mim said...

You definitely have some fancy colors! We have "mooritville" over here. I have Ag in my sheep and don't really like it so much. A few are alright but too many leaves you with no nice colored fleece to spin and sell at the end of the year!

Jenny Holden said...

I hadn't thought of it like that Mim, but then I just like having lots of variety in the flock. There aren't many grey sheep registered each year over here and folk seem quite keen on them.

2 more girls to lamb so we'll see what they produce!