Saturday, 25 April 2009

Lamb Confusion!

Sorry folks but I've had a mix up! The little stunner in the previous post is Ruby's tup lamb, but still a very handsome HST :o) Chris sent the photos to me without labelling them and made the wrong assumption! I'm home now and have sorted it!

This is my HST ewe lamb out of Sheilhope Gruna! She's gorgeous, very tall and leggy compared to the other lambs and with a tight crimpy fleece. She's a funny colour though: there seem to be white hairs interspersed in with the brown giving her a slightly frosted look.

I've called her Lunde after the Norwegian village I was staying in when she was born.


Garrett808 said...

to me that looks like Ag (fading gene). Isn't the dad and Ag spotted ram?

I used Shirehill Minder and got an 'HST' lamb that is fading alredy. Check the armpits...if they are grey or lighter than the rest....she will fade

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look later... if I can catch her, they're getting pretty speedy now! Yes, dad was a spotted Ag. I thought Ag was agouti though meaning that the fleece has different coloured fibers. I didn't realise that Ag animals always faded but I've got lots of learning to do about this. What colour do I put on her registration form?!

Garrett808 said...

Hey Jenny :)

I'm no expert but at least here in the US we call the Ag blacks that fade 'Gray' and the Ag moorits we call musket. Agouti is the proper name but I believe those of us in the US have come to know Ag as the fading gene, and yes some of my Ag girls do have some intermixing of fibers but not always or over the whole body.

I would think she is a musket smirslet sokket, if she were mine ;)

I love the lamb race video too!