Sunday, 28 December 2008

Boxing Day Stroll

Chris and I joined my parents for a lovely Boxing Day walk to burn off at least some of that Christmas dinner.

We called in on the girls first to make sure that they are all enjoying their new field. Since the hay rack was full and untouched, I'll assume that to be a good sign. They all look very well and Barney seems to have lost interest so hopefully this means that lambs are on the way!
We decided to visit Craggy Wood which has beautiful views of the fells and fabulous old beech trees.

These woods are steep and rocky in places, but the dogs had a wonderful time exploring.

The view from the top was well worth the climb.


Wrensong Farm said...

Looks like a lovely Boxing Day! Those green hills make me envious! (I'm definitely not showing your blog to my sheep!). I can't wait to get out and go for a stroll. :)

Mim said...

Oh what beautiful country you live around. Green grass is not seen here in the winter and most of the summer, envy is a good word! Wonderful to see you can get out and enjoy your land.

ladyb1 said...

You are so lucky living in such gorgeous countryside. Reminds me of my holiday up there in October. All those sheep!

Jenny Holden said...

It was a lovely Boxing Day and we are very lucky to live where we do. I try to never ever take it for granted, I love these hills so much.