Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Roving Reporter Fox

Fox's friend Scout has signed him up as a roving reporter!
Scout is a hard working News Hound (actually he's a Border Collie, but News Hound has a rather nice ring to it!) and has recruited Fox to report on wildlife for his blogs. Scout is a busy chap and writes for lots of publications including the Westmorland Gazette and the Kennel Club's Discover Dogs. Take a look at Fox's introduction here.


Wrensong Farm said...

That's a fun post! Can't wait to read more from roving reporter, Fox!

scout said...

If Wrensong Farm has a resident dog with some stories to tell Scout would be keen to hear from him. The more the merrier!

Maalie said...

Border Collies are my favourite kind of dog. My mother had one for years and my sister has one now.

Lovely winter piccies below, you are lucky to have red squirrels outside your office :-)