Sunday, 4 January 2009

Pottering in Patterdale

One frosty morning last week, Chris and headed out with the dogs down to Patterdale, at the other end of Ullswater from us, for a good stretch out. We also had a voucher for a meal for two at the local pub, which acted as a carrot as we climbed the steep sides of Arnison Crag. Not that our canine companions, with their four wheel drive found it a problem!

Amazingly Fox and Whisper both behaved impeccably, not running after surprise Herdicks and walking to heal when asked; our pups are finally growing up!

The views down the valley were simply fabulous and the best of it was that we had the whole mountain to ourselves. We could see folk treading the more popular paths down below.

The dogs had an absolute ball, tearing round in the frosty grass, leaping rushes and drinking the icy water from the streams.

While Fox is an expert at negotiating stiles, Whisper still needs a lift!

As we descended in the dying light, we found interesting hollow trees on the lower slopes. The dogs seemed less impressed with these fabulous plants; in fact they seemed convinced that Chris's tree was haunted!

We were all happily tired when we got back to the pub. Even Whisper had a sleep!


BondBloke said...

Hmmm, I am so envious, that looks like a beautiful walk indeed...

Wrensong Farm said...

What a gorgeous place to hike about! The dogs definitely looked like they were enjoying every minute, not to mention their two legged companions! :)