Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Holiday week!

Yippee! A week off to enjoy with Chris, my friends and the dogs. Kath and I celebrated the joys of days off and a rare sunny day by letting our pooches have a good play together. We were ever so slightly nervous of letting Rolo, who is the same age as Whisper but less than half the size and who has just recovered from a hairline fracture to his leg, play with my enormous hounds but all was just great and they got on just fine. I'm always amazed at how careful Fox is with smaller dogs. Rolo must have been shattered as for every stride one of my collies took, he had to take about 5! Once the dogs were all played out, we had a run up to the stable yard where Kath works a couple of days a week and keeps her horses. Chris and I were treated to watching the eventers being toned up in the swim pool. That's Kath on the outside of the pool while yard owner Carol gets dizzy in the middle.I was busy working the swing bridge.

There are some really lovely animals at the yard, including a mare who Kath is desperately trying to afford to buy as her London 2012 hope! Good luck Kath, wish I could help with this one.A future eventer who Kath does own however is Oliver. Remember the little orphaned foal? Here he is out in the field with his foster mother, and looking very fit indeed. He has plenty of bone and lovely movement. Kath recons he'll make around 16.2 hands! Can't wait to see his progress.
Unfortunately, Mum is rather fussy about who Oliver speaks to over the fence, but his little friend Oscar wasn't against the idea of a scratch and a bit of a fuss. Chris is getting to know the horses as he has just taken a job at the stables as a bit of an odd job man until the doctors get him back on his feet properly. New medication means that he can't drive so that pretty much rules out his current work .

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Rayna said...

Wow, talk about all legs! Oliver does look like he's going to be tall :) Lovely pictures as usual :) Enjoy your holiday!