Sunday, 14 September 2008

Highs and Lows

I've not been a good blogger this past week or so. Lots going on but not much to inspire writing really. There have been disappointments, the major one being missing the International Sheepdog Trial because of the monsoon rains. The trial still ran but we didn't travel down because of the conditions. We also missed Sasha and Paddy's wedding because Chris was too ill.

There are positives though. Chris cooked an amazing Sunday roast last weekend which we enjoyed with Kath. Take a look at this leg of lamb and tell me your mouth isn't watering! We had veg and potatoes from our allotment, hopefully next year we'll have produced our own meat too.

We have also had some sunshine today! The village looks lovely and green. Chris and I took the dogs for a lovely walk out on the fell and went mushrooming. In the last couple of weeks we've enjoyed giant puffballs, parasols (like the one in the photo) and today we found a field mushroom. There ought to have been many more field mushrooms, but I suspect that someone else got there first. Mushrooms seem far harder to find nowadays. My parents always used to take my sister and brother and I mushrooming and we'd come home with a good haul. Most of the fields are now improved and overstocked so I expect this has a big influence.

I've always been encouraged to eat wild foods, but you do have to know what you're picking!

Whisper is growing and beginning to show her sheepdog potential. If she's anything like as stylish on sheep as she is when herding Fox, I'll be very pleased. At the same time however she's a little horror and goes completely deaf on walks. It's not even as though she's ignoring her recall command, it's like she didn't hear it at all, lol! She is looking to Fox far too much instead of listening to me so she's going to have to have some more solo time; just me, her and a longline ;o)
Yes Whisper, it does sound like a bit of a bore, but who knows, you might enjoy it!


Rayna said...

Oh my...that DOES look good. Looking forward to having some of that in the fall...mmm...Post his recipie!! :)

Grafxgurl said...

ooh what lovely photos!! hello from a bloghopper and a fellow Gerald Durrell and James Herriot fan!!!

Jenny Holden said...

Chris says you'll have to come over for dinner Rayna!

Always good to meet another blogger Grafxgurl!

Rayna said...

Hmmm...Maybe when I go back to Italy, I'll have to take a stop at your place ;-) Your sheep are looking wonderful! You can ship Rosie over anytime ;-) hehehe.

Jenny Holden said...

Italy?! That's miles away(literally)! Might have to meet you there, we love Italy and have never been together.

Rosy is the favourite sheep of the flock, it has to be said. She's not the best looking, but a fabulous character. If only she had a better tail. I'm really hoping she'll have twin girls and then I can keep them :o)