Sunday, 21 September 2008

Look who we met!

It's Fox's 3/4 sister Holly (No Stopping Holly ISDS 290940)! They have the same dad and their mothers are also half sisters... I think, all gets a bit complicated! Anyway, we bumped into her and her choc lab friend up on Askham Fell, which is behind our house. Funnily enough she's tiny, the same size as Whisper is now. She's 17 months and training to be an agility dog. Her owner says she's great but proving a bit slow to mature... hmmm, family trait?

Chris and I took the dogs for a stroll to collect some mushrooms and do a spot of migrant spotting, and boy did we hit the jackpot? A fantastic view of a male Hen Harrier, one of Britain's rarest birds, hunting in later afternoon. wonderful!

We also found this miserable little harebell... the last of summer?

Fox and Whisper weren't too bothered about the birds, except of course those grouse that fly up from right under their noses. Luckily neither of them chase for more than a few yards, it was good to see that Whisper does this naturally, it means that she may be able to come out beating with us next Autumn when she's a little more sensible. Fox is good at putting up grouse and pheasants and has been on a few shoots.

Whisper found it all very tiring after a while, but looked very happy! She and Fox were quite happy to jump back into the car... especially since I'd taken the crates out to clean everything!
"We need bigger crates with more headroom mam!"

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