Saturday, 20 September 2008

Looking good girls

I'm really pleased with the girls at the moment, they look great! After a bit of a skinny patch post shearing, it was cold and wet and they simply shed a bit of condition, they have now fattened up nicely and are looking ready to meet their tup soon! I'm planning to put Barney in with them the second week in November with a view to lambing mid April... well, that's the plan! I spent some time with them the other day just sitting about in a rare moment of sunshine :o)

Rosie certainly looked happy catching a few rays.

Not a great photo of Rosie's fleece, but then we were just in the middle of the field and I was pushing my luck trying to part her fleece while she was grazing! I'm still disappointed at how pale she has gone, maybe a vitamin drench will help her colour? I've had to lay off using it because of the bluetongue vaccine, the vet said that they couldn't have ANYTHING else, not even vitamins for two weeks!

Robina is still looking quite the little show girl, I hope that the Agricultural Fairs run next year, this time round most were cancelled due to rain :o(

Oh stop looking so smug Rosie!

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Garrett808 said...

Jenny, I think that the Ag animals fade and get darker according to seasonal changes. My muskets and greys are usually quite light in the face and legs during lambing season and now, during breeding season are much darker in the 'hair areas' like the face and legs. Just my findings