Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wilde family gathering

We've had visitors from Chris's family this week, which means that I am now very well attuned to the Scouse accent and have stopped needing every other sentence repeating, lol!

Chris's cousin Jane and her husband David came with their two boys to visit last week. Sean and Cameron helped with feeding the sheep, much to the girls' delight; they don't get extras usually at this time of year. We're hoping to get some nice walks in together soon, and possibly a bit of pony trekking too.

On Friday evening, Chris's brother Robert arrived with his son, little Bob, girlfriend Lisa and her little daughter, Becky. We had a lovely couple of days introducing them to our local area: the hills and fields, pubs and livestock. The highlight was a canoe trip down Ullswater. Us girls took one boat for a nice leisurely potter around enjoying the scenery, while the boys disappeared off into the distance!

They were rather disappointed not to meet the flock of Shetlands, we'll have to save that for next time. It was lovely to see them all, we really don't see enough of either of our families. Right now though, I'm with you Whisper!

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