Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bit of a brag!

Another August day in Cumbria, another soggy show field. It didn't stop plenty of folk turning out for the Cartmel Show however, and among the livestock exhibited were my Todhill Robina and Sheilhope Gruna. Rosy and Ruby also came along for the ride and to educate people on the ways of the Shetland Sheep in the fibre animals tent along with alpaca and fluffy bunnies!

I was really pleased that my family turned out to see us, so thanks to Mam, Dad, my sister Kate and Granny for coming; it meant a lot :o)

There is no Shetland class at Cartmel Show (yet) but in order to support their native breeds class and encourage them to keep it going, I decided to enter. Very glad that I did too as Robina won her class and went on to take the Best Native Breed Sheep, so we got two rosettes and a nice tankard!

Meanwhile back in the dry of the marquee, Rosie and Ruby had been gathering plenty of fans... and an enemy! Shetlands are of course rather good at sticking up for themselves and, every time a dog came near they stamped and threatened. While I was talking at the other end of the tent I noticed a couple allowing their dog to get rather close despite Rosy's obvious annoyance. I decided that enough was enough and went to politely ask them to remove their hound, but before I could get there the people allowed the dog to stick its head through the bars. BANG, YELP! Rosy got it good and proper! Instead of apologising, the people started making a fuss and complaining about my dangerous sheep hurting their dog. They got short shrift from me ;o)


Denise said...

Congrats on winning at the show. It never fails to amaze me how stupid some people are with their dogs and sheep. Even though we have a sheep dog. He never goes into the field with the sheep unless he's working.

Nancy K. said...

GOOD JOB!! Both in the show ring and for standing up to those obnoxious dog owners.

Maybe you'll have to get a sign:

"Warning: Guard Sheep"

poor Fido...


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I guess it's kinda nice to know that we don't have all the clueless and unreasonable people on THIS side of the pond..... Congratulations on your win; that's WONDERFUL!

Tammy W. said...

Congratulations Jenny - on both your win - and on handling the dog owners.
You must be Chuffed all to bits. And what a nice little boost to the shetland breed as well.

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks for all your nice comments folks. I was really chuffed! Shame all the other shows were canceled due to the horrible weather.

stephen rouse said...

That's a stunning ewe! :-) I wish we could import semen from a spotted UK ram here in the usa.