Sunday, 10 August 2008

Lowther Horse Trials

Big weekend in our village! Lowther Horse Trials is held every year and attracts thousands of horse and carriage driving enthusiasts and country fair lovers. Many were amazed that it went ahead this year since the weather conditions are horrendous and many events have been canceled. In the end, even Lowther couldn't cope with the amount of mud (which could give Glastonbury a run for its money!) and the show was closed on Sunday. We did however get some great views of the water obstacles in the marathon on Saturday.


Tammy W. said...

Wow Jenny - that is quite the course.
I'd love to have a chance to watch something like that. We've had lots of rain this year as well - although I'm sure not as much as you have.

Jenny Holden said...

It was a bit hairy for the smaller ponies going into the river as the initial entry is quite deep, but then it shallows out. Last year this obstacle had to be taken out because the river was so swollen it was dangerous!

simon said...

Well, I have found this blog via Maalie king! Great!!

Harness is a lot of fun. I had a Apaloosa broken to harness, hackamore and endurance riding. He was SUCH a great ride! :o)