Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Great Escape

The weather has been so atrocious that it has been difficult to decide when to release the Water Voles that I brought back from Devon. I spotted a gap, according to the weather forecast, and decided to go for it.Release pens were dug in a filled with straw ready to receive the voles, so all we had left to do was pop them into their new homes. The voles have to dig their own way to freedom. This encourages them to make the release pens their base and they soon learn to stick around for food. If the voles quickly dispersed, their chances of survival, and finding a mate, would be reduced so we try to persuade them that the spot we have chosen is a good home for voles.

It looks a bit mean handling them by the tail, but trust me, you don't want to be near those teeth. Voles aren't like many other rodent species which have delicate tails and are not harmed by this treatment!

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