Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Wild Encounter

I had a chance encounter with a Scottish Wild Cat the other day. My friend Derek just happened to be transporting one to his breeding centre and let me have a peep. I miss zoo work sometimes!


Rayna said...

Beautiful little bugger! :)

Tammy said...

Hi Jenny, I've been following your blog for some time now - fantastic.
Of course it makes me want to come back to England for a visit.
Love the bits on the water voles - they are really great little creatures. But I had to comment on the wild cats in particular - I had always thought they were more myth than reality. Keep up the great work. By the way - the Shetlands are great sheep - I have about 35 of them, and I've been raising them for about 12 - 13 years now. Very addictive. Cheers.

Jenny Holden said...

Hey Tammy,
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. If Wild Cats get much rarer they wont be a reality for much longer. People have moved into their territory with domestic cats which hybridize and pass on diseases.
This blogging thing is funny isn't it? That someone would want to read about the stuff you do day to day but I really enjoy them, especially any that involve sheepdogs or Shetlands!
I really enjoyed reading your blog and have added a link :o)