Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Catching up with old ones...

It was lovely to receive an invitation a couple of weeks ago to my friend Toby's birthday party. Toby is one of my oldest friends and it would be a wonderful occasion to get a group of us together for the first time in years. We're slightly older and, ahem, more sensible now, but get on just as well as we ever did.

Obviously the word sensible ought to be used in relative terms since, when Chris and I arrived, Toby and Phil were in the process of lighting the BBQ inside the garage out of the wind! "Yea, but guys, those flames are awful close to the very dry ceiling!"

Toby, Steve, Phil and I were all great friends in our teenage years and have kept in touch ever since. Toby and Phil lived in London at the same time as I was at uni there and helped introduce me to the big city.

The evening was great. We all consumed far too much meat (except the veggie folk of course) and far, far too much alcohol. In fact, we were quite impressed at our continued ability to consume the stuff! Steve looks settled in for the night here.

Of course, alcohol gives a great boost to joke telling ability, and the ability of the listeners to "get it." I've no idea what Phil is saying here, but Jo clearly thinks it hilarious!

Luckily, Toby's wife Hilary, who is also a friend from school, was there to look after us all and make us tea when we started to droop. There was no saving Steve in the end though!

Now I've not played a great deal of poker, but I think it's a pretty good job that I can't afford to gamble! It was great fun, made better by the fact that I won :o)

Everyone went all in for the last hand, except Steve who was zonked out by then. After a game with a surprising number of full house wins, I took the big pot with a pair of queens and an Ace high :oD

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