Saturday, 17 May 2008

VIV Day: Very Important Vole Day

The big week finally arrived! The go ahead came through from the army, to release on their land, and from Natural England and finally my 111 water voles could be released into the wild. A team of us set to work on Wednesday and micro-chipped all of them so that they could all be recognised if the data loggers managed to pick them up.

Only 5 bites between us... pretty good going really, though I was a bit miffed to receive my first vole inflicted wound! Alison, Julie, Cat and Michelle were all such troopers that day and worked their socks off so thanks for all your help :o)

On Friday morning the voles were all looking fit and healthy and the weather was good so we boxed them up and drove to Warcop where they were released into their pens. Michelle, Rob, Bunty and Wal were a great help so more thanks due for those who mucked in.

From Devon to Cumbria we didn't lose a single animal. How very satisfying. I can't wait to see how they do in the wild!

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Rayna said...

111 voles and only 5 bites does sound like a good day! Glad that you didn't lose any, hopefully they do well on the lose!