Saturday, 24 May 2008

Making friends...

It is a little while since Chris has had much to do with the sheep since he has been working away in Scotland a lot, leaving me to see to them (which is fair enough since the flock is "my baby" really!) but it seems he feels as though he has been neglecting them and insisted on spending a little quality time with the girls this Bank Holiday.

The girls were very happy with the attention, not least because they got a bit of feed in the trough. Not that they need it at all with all that spring grass!

The recent hot weather means that we have to refill the water trough every other day since the piping is not yet in place to do it automatically. We emptied out the trough to clean it and then had to spend the next 15 minutes going through the grass rescuing tadpoles and putting them back in again!

Some of the girls are beginning to roo, and I had been hoping to get them clipped next weekend but it is still a bit on the chilly side. I'm keen to clip them soon though as I'd like to take the fleeces to Woolfest and for the girls to have a bit of fleece grown for the shows in July. Of course their welfare comes first though.

I went out and bought a halter the other day so that'll be fun! I had thought that Ruby would be quite easy to halter train but in the pen the other day be behaved like a right precious little princess so I think we may have a few stroppy tantrums before she gets used to the idea!

Rosy and Chris were getting on just grand by the end of the day :o)

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