Friday, 23 May 2008

Meet Barney

This is Todhill Immortal Memory (Barney to his friends!). He will most likely be the tup that I borrow to cover my girls this Autumn. I wanted a patterned tup with a long fine fleece, preferably that rooed naturally. I called Lenice to see if she knew of such a creature that I could borrow and she said "well I've got Barney" so I'm going to visit him very soon. He is a Grey Bersugget Yuglet Sokket. I was also keen to check that the tup I used had thrown a high proportion of twins and ewe lambs so have been enjoying reading through the old Flock Books in order to find out. Barney it seems does not dissappoint :o)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You don't see that style of horns over here very often, it seems.

Tammy said...

Nice looking Ram Jennie - would be great to have a good side view of him. He looks to have a nice crimpy fleece as well.
I used to have a ram with horns like his - except they were a bit lower down before they curled. Lovely gently old fella - liked to follow you around and he'd lay down beside you and go to sleep when you scratched him under the chin. I really miss him.
Love this blog thing - it's a great way to meet people everywhere.
Back to the wildcats - we have bobcats around here - they are getting quite rare as well - we hear them - but never, ever see them. I'd love to be able to work with animals more - I have stories to tell.

Jenny Holden said...

It would be interesting to look at the differences between our stock here in the UK and that kept across the pond.

I'm yet to meet Barney in person but will definitely get some more photos of him in a couple of weeks time when I do.

I'd love to see a wild bobcat. I saw an Ocelot in Peru and he was stunning. I also saw a bag cat in a field near my house a couple of weeks ago. There are all sorts of rumors flying about the UK about big cats but I didn't know whether to believe them until I saw one with my own eyes!