Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sheep scrum

The sheep have plenty of grazing to go at and I'm not giving much in the way of extras, other than mineral licks. Last week the girls didn't all even bother coming when I took a bucket up to them. It's amazing what a bit of frost does!
Today feeding time could only be described as a scrum. I had to provide feed on the side for poor Gletness who I had to cut out of a briar patch when I arrived. It is awful to think that she could have been stuck on those brambles for hours. Thank goodness I decided to go and visit them early. She looked a bit sunk in when I found her but I made sure that she got a good ration or feed and she didn't seem to be ailing in any way. There were signs that several of them have been in the brambles, probably because the grass in the middle will be the most lush.
Gruna didn't see why Gletness ought to be getting special treatment and persisted on trying to stick her nose in!
I wish Ruby would put weight on like everyone else. She has always been the thinnest of the ewes and it doesn't seem to matter what I do. I'm getting the grass and soil testing results for the land soon so perhaps I'll discover some mineral deficiency that they're lacking.


Michelle said...

My Inky is like your Ruby. I got her extruded soybeans to boost her little ration, but she doesn't like them. Sigh.

Wrensong Farm said...

Ah! I sure miss those beautiful Shetland sheep....glad I have blogging friends that can help me satisfy my longings!
Thanks so much for the kind words by the way, my heart goes out to you and your grandma. Hugs.

Carol said...

As soon as I get done reading your blog..I have this urge to move to colder country and raise sheep. LOL