Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowy Dogs!

We woke this morning to find the frost of the last week or so replaced with a sparkling white blanket of snow.
Chris and I are like kids when it snows and we wasted little time in getting out to enjoy it. We headed up the track that leads from our house up into the forest. A few folk had ventured out before us, but their tracks soon peetered out until the way ahead was completly clear: a perfect canvas for tracking wildlife.
We soon found however that not even the wild animals, save a lone fox probably heading home in the early hours of this morning, had beaten us to exploring the fresh and wintery world and so we simply enjoyed the views and the beauty of the icing sugar coated twigs.

Fox and Whisper looked so joyful as they bounded about and are now curled up fast asleep. Fox beside me on the sofa and Whisper in "her" armchair.

 Here's what they got up to...
Fox led the way, but made sure that we were all keeping up!
He took time to survey his kingdom...
And allowed his princess to admire the view with him.
Chris attempted to make snowballs from the very powdery snow. It didn't work very well and the dogs were not terribly impressed!
What's that? We're going home already?


lampworkbeader said...

Lovely pictures. Such happy looking dogs.

Cait O'Connor said...

Very beautiful, very similar to where I live but we haven't quite as much snow here.

mollygolver said...

Fantastic pictures

Withy Brook said...

Make the most of it - you don't often get snow like that, do you?
Lovely pictures of the dogs.