Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Walney Island

On my recent trip home to Cumbria, my Mam and I took some time out to have a nice mother-daughter stroll down the local beach much to the joy of Fox and Whisper. Despite the cobbles playing havoc with my recovering sprained ankle, it was lovely to be back down on Walney where I spent many happy days searching rock pools as a child (and as an adult for that matter).
Walney Island is a small sliver of land that lie's in the Irish Sea like a defensive barrier across the tip of the Furness Peninsula, protecting Barrow-in-Furness its docks and surrounding areas. Walney Island measures just 11 miles in length and just under 1 mile in width at its widest point, making it the eighth largest island off the coast of England. Walney is particularly well known for its wildlife and both the Northern and Southern ends are nature reserves and designated sites of Special Scientific Interest. The island even has its own endemic flower: the Walney Geranium.Sadly this had to be a short visit on this occasion, but we were still able to enjoy a rare gap in the clouds as the dogs happily raced in and out of the incoming tide.


Anonymous said...

A lovely county. Glad you enjoyed your quality time together.

CJ xx

corinne said...

Wow! Too beautiful for words!