Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wanderer Returned

I've had a very naughty tup lamb giving me the run around for the last week. After electric fencing failed to contain him and a gate was left open, Braeface disappeared into Knapdale forest. Despite hours and miles of searching and shouting and rattling a bucker, I was beginning to fear that we'd never get him back. Luckily there are some lovely new friends and neighbours around here who, when they saw a Shetland sheep grazing on the roadside, shut him in a field and called me right away. He had gone around 3 miles and returned to Braeface Farm where he was born. Some feat considering he was moved from there in July to another spot 6 miles on the other side of the forest!

Yesterday I was in Edinburgh so the task fell to Chris to fetch him back. This turned out to be an easy task since he is actually very tame. Chris said that he travelled fine behind the dog guard in the back of the car!

Chris took me some lovely photos of him back with the other two boys. He looks a bit sheepish here!

These three tup lambs are doing some conservation grazing for Scottish Natural Heritage.

The grass on this Marsh Fritillary site has been undergrazed and allowed to get rather long and rank, which means that the flowers on which these extremely rare butterflies lay their eggs will be choked out. Hopefully, Basil, Braeface and Carlin will help to impreve the condition of the site.

Baz is very fond of his new look out point. They can see all the way over the sea to Jura from up there!


Cait O'Connor said...

What gorgeous photos!

Carol said...

Such an interesting life....and isn't it great that you can feed your sheep and help the butterflies at the same time.

corinne said...

Glad you got him back! Beautiful photos.

Wipso said...

Really glad your wanderer has returned to the flock. Lovely photos.
A x

thecrazysheeplady said...

He has some great stories to tell I'm sure. Beautiful spot you have there.

Fennie said...

So glad you got him back again! My sister keeps a few sheep in Suffolk (Suffolks would you believe!) But they are a troublesome race of creatures, sheep, or so it seems to me. Fortunately I have never had to keep any.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.