Saturday, 14 November 2009

Livestock Import!

A little while ago now, a very special parcel arrived on my doorstep. The photos ought to have gone up long ago, but I didn't think that these did the subjects justice. However I haven't got around to taking better ones, so I thought I'd just share them now...

Fellow Shetland Sheep Bloggers will probably already be familiar with Tammy's Kalwa Taure Shetlands Blog. Tammy lives over in Ontario, Canada and breeds beautiful Shetlands there, but also makes them!When Tammy posted photos of her hand-made pottery Shetlands I admired them so much that she parcelled them up and by ways and means, got them sent over to me!My globe trotting pottery sheep now have pride of place in my cabinet of "favourite things."
Thanks so much Tammy, I really enjoy looking at them. Keep on blogging and I'll keep on enjoying reading x

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Anonymous said...

They are incredible attractive, thanks for posting photographs.

Our poor sheep are getting sick of the wet weather, they have a bit of respite today however, as it's a windy but sunny day.

CJ xx