Thursday, 19 November 2009

Beaver Dogs

OK, I know that this isn't my beaver blog, but here is a little snippet...
As any beaver tracker worth their salt knows, you can't be a good beaver tracker without a good beaver tracking dog... ok so I made that up, but Fox and Whisper are learning to be useful while accompanying me to work.
For Fox, this is nothing new. He started helping me to track water voles when he was very small and will also "mark" any otter spraints that he finds while we are walking waterways.
By lavishing praising them whenever they sniff at a beaver scent mark or feeding station, they are becoming quite enthusiastic about helping to spot where the beavers have been.
I need to dedicate more time to this than I've been able to recently, but hopefully they will be very useful one day!
Fox likes beavers because they leave sticks all over the place just for him to steal. See him sneaking into the corner of this beaver dam photo?

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Carol said...

If you have a beaver blog..I'd love to follow it. So..what doe's a Beaver Trial Officer do? need to hear the outdoors..and critters of all kinds. You have a very interesting life.