Saturday, 16 May 2009

Growing like little mushrooms!

Today I managed to grab a bit of "me time" and sat in the sunshine dosing with the flock,
They were having some quiet time of their own and most were curled up with their mothers. Here is little Kate with her dam Sheilhope Gruna. Kate is a stocky little ewe lamb who likes to play rough and tumble games with the boys. Kate will be grey when she grows up.
My little angel Lunde with her dam Sheilhope Girlsta. She has the longest legs of any of the lambs and likes to show off how high she can jump as she chases round the field with the others! Lunde is an HST musket."Wiggy" is a most handsome little ram lamb with wonderful square conformation. He might be seeing a couple of shows this summer :o) He should hopefully keep his deep brown colour as he shows no sign of the ag gene. Here he is with his dam Bartiestown Rachel.

Braeface and Baz are far too grown up to sit with their Mams now! Baz's horns are coming through well now and are nicely spaced.

And then there's Sullivan or "Piggy" as we currently call him. He is the fattest and now the biggest of the lambs despite being almost the youngest! I'm sure that Ruby ought to have twins. I called him Sullivan because this means "Black eyed one" in Gaelic.

Tomorrow everyone is getting fluke, worm and spot on administered and feet trimmed. Wont I be popular?!


Louis and Linda said...

I just came across your post.Love your photos! Please tell me about the fluke shots.I'm afraid we may have a problem here in some of our marshy areas. I didn't know there was a shot for that.Thank you,

corinne said...

Wow! You have some really handsome rammies...maybe you just want to send one or two across the pond?

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks Corinne, I hope some folk over here think so too! I wonder how much it is to export sheep across to the States?!

Linda: the fluke medicine we use is Fasinex (we actually use combinex which treats worms too). It is really important to treat for fluke as they attack the liver. Marshy areas are the worst. I tend to get droppings screened for fluke and worm and only treat when necessary.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Jenny, a little butterfly over at Boulderneigh needs your help to get across the pond!