Sunday, 17 May 2009

Naughty lambs and cool blogs!

Today us lambs had a hard day. The shepherds got us all into a pen, and then we helped by finding all of the little gaps that a shetland lamb can wriggle out of!

They gave us nasty tasting medicine, checked us over for ticks, and then drew a blue line down our backs with some smelly stuff. The Shepherd wasn't impressed with the colour and said that none of the lambs in his flock were BLUES! We weren't very chuffed either.
The Shepherdess SAID that it was for our own good. Another shepherdess from across the pond has given this blog a COOL award!

Which we now have to pass on...

1 comment:

Karen B. said...

I really like that lamb in the top picture! Hope they recovered from the indignities the shepherd put them through...such nice lambs!