Friday, 1 May 2009

Whisper is 1!

Our gorgeous little girl is now 1! I can't believe how much has happened since we got her and how fast that time has passed. She has gone from being a funny little puppy with her head permanently in the clouds, to a beautiful clever young lady... with her head in the clouds only most of the time, a state which we refer to as being "Whisper in La La Land!"

She is the most cuddly of border collies, quite the opposite of Fox and will throw herself at you for a cuddle, sneak under the duvet when she gets the chance or curl up on the sofa with Chris and I. She manages to combine being a most girly girl with being a total tomboy. She has no concept of looking before leaping, and rarely flinches as she bashes her way through brambles, branches or indeed other dogs or people who stand in her way.

She has shown herself to have amazing potential on sheep and I can't wait to get organised up here and begin her training proper.

Happy Birthday Whisper! You've managed to fully embed yourself into our little family and we love you lots. We're very proud of your birthday acheivement of learning to swim!


Chris Sperring said...

HI Babe.

You changed that quick. Just got in from W V surveying, Emma has turned off the lights, so I can hardly see the keyboard. Hope you are both well, be up to see you soon. Keep Beavering.

Wrensong Farm said...

Happy first birthday Whisper!! Love the adoring look shot and the herding pose shot!! They sure grow up fast...

corinne said...

Happy birthday Whisper!