Saturday, 5 July 2008

Shearing Day

finally a break in the weather! Chris, Al and I took the opportunity to get some shearing done. Because the storm clouds were looming, I did very little of the shearing myself since Al is so much more experienced and quick.

The girls aren't daft and certain flock members were not going into the pen for anyone. Luckily Chris is a super sheep catcher and managed to catch the escapees in the field while Al and I got on with the pen work.

We managed to get Rosie, Ruby, Gletness, Geherda and Gula done before the first big drops began to fall. The others looked very smug as we reluctantly released them from the pen with their jackets still intact.

Rosie does a good impression of Shaun the sheep!


Tammy said...

Oh - love the picture of Rosie! She almost looks proud of her new do.

Jenny Holden said...

She is such a little character. We all love Rosie and she was much better behaved while being clipped than I expected.