Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Party on!

What a long weekend! Chris and I are shattered, and I seem to have picked up a dose of tonsilitis :o( We have however had a great time and caught up with lots of friends and family.

Friday night was the Ullswater Foxhounds' Summer Ball (yea I know, Chris and I at a Fox Hunting do! LOL!!). The company, music and food were all excellent and the bidding wars during the auction, very amusing!

Chris was feeling naked without his trustee cap, but luckily Kath was there to give comfort in his hour of need!
The next morning, with Chris nursing a hangover, we drove down to his parent's house on the Wirral, near Liverpool; luckily I knew that I'd be driving and had been very sensible! Chris's brother Robert and his band were playing at a club so we went along to meet their new lead singer, who looks scarily like my little brother!The band are called The Essence and can be found here (can't find page at the mo!)

Sunday was a very hot lovely day and luckily this was the chosen date for a Wilde Family BBQ. It was great to get to know Chris's family and friends better. Some of them even appreciated Chris and My taste in food and tucked into their Cumbrian venison burgers :o)

We're looking forward to Chris's brother, girlfriend, Lisa, and their kids coming to visit in a few weeks time.

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