Sunday, 13 July 2008

New Arrival

Meet Todhill Robina, the latest member of the Smali Flock. I picked her up yesterday from Lenice and am extremely pleased to have her. Robina is a Grey Katmoget Yuglet Bersugget Socket... or something like that!

She and Ruby will be off to the Royal Lancashire Show with me next weekend so wish me luck!
After admiring the girls, I also managed to get another one clipped today... all by myself! Now before you judge me over the below evidence of my efforts, please remember that Gruna had actually already rooed some large patches of her fleece. I started off today seeing whether the rest of her fleece would simply roo. The result was that this worked really well at first. I worked from where it was coming away around her tail and got most of her back done. Then it was taking ages and I didn't want to hurt her so I hand clipped the rest...

You can see where the wool that rooed early has already become bleached by the sun. The fluffy bit on her bum is where it rooed. The shearing didn't go too badly at all, but I'll wait until she has been rained on and then look at what needs tidying! Interestingly she looked moorit as a lamb and is registered as such but I can now see that she has an awful lot of grey fibers in her fleece. What colour does this make her? She's the same shade as a lilac border collie!

Rosy says that she's had enough of me and my examining her and her friends to see who is now what colour and who will go the the shows; she'd far rather pretend to be a goat!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Your new ewe is stunning - actually, all three of the girls featured in this post are beautiful! Gruna still looks moorit to me; perhaps she is getting iset.

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks, I'm really quite proud of them! I have high hopes for Robina and Ruby (my black blettet) for the Royal Lancs :o)

She probably is still moorit, it was the amount of grey fibers in her fleece which threw me.

Wrensong Farm said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for the nice welcome with my new blog. :) I LOVE that new ewe of yours she's absolutely beautiful! I love the herding breeds of dogs as well...I have a 11 yr old Border Collie, a 2year old Australian Cattle Dog and a 1 year old Belgian Tervuren. Also, you did a great job hand shearing! I would be embarrassed to show you a picture of one of my Jacobs ewes I hand sheared....she looks pretty moth-eaten!! :) Tammy