Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Rolo's here!

This is the latest little pack member...


Rolo is Kath's Border Terrier x Parson's Jack Russel Terrier pup. He is a bit of a little terror, but such a great little character. He's a very smart little dog who I think already believes that he is a Rottweiler and not a very small terrier. Luckily he's still small enough to get tired quickly and is such a little cutie when asleep :o)

He has had his jabs now so will be playing in the field by the end of the week with Fox. We're only slightly concerned that Fox might stand on him and squash him: there's a bit of a size difference at the moment!


North Star Shetlands said...

10 feet tall and bullet proof they think they are! I have a pom and a pom X corgi and they're exactly like that, still terrors at 1 and 2 too ;-) Love the blog! You need more shetlands! ;-) hehehhe

Jenny Holden said...

LOL, Rolo is really growing up now... but he thinks he can take on Fox which I'm not sure he's ready for yet!

I do need more Shetlands ;o)