Monday, 15 March 2010

Long time no blog!

Hello Folks,

First off let me say sorry that I disappeared off the face of the planet for some time. I've got rather a lot going on at the moment but I shan't bore you all with it here. Sadly for me I have been missing reading all of your blogs and there's no way that I'll ever be able to catch up with all of them. Hopefully I'll be resuming normal blogging behaviour soon and wont miss all of those precious lambing photos!

Chris's Chronic Cluster Headaches continue to cause him a great deal of pain and prevent him from sleeping. The doctors have now decided that he needs an operation on his sinuses to realign the tubes, so that will be a two night stay in Glasgow hospital in the near future.

Fox and Whisper have been very accepting of their reduced walking time and my extended time away from them. They are both fast asleep at my feet as I type.

The Smali Flock are enjoying a new field with the best grazing they have seen since arriving in Argyll.
 Lambs ought to be a few weeks away yet, but it looks as though Smali Braeface managed to get his way with Gula and Geherda when he escaped as they are bagging up already! No harm done there since I considered using him before deciding to buy Galtress Ptolemy anyway. I am very much looking forward to Tolly lambs however.
I take great joy and peace from my time with the flock, and this time is all the more precious at the moment. Here are some photos so that you might enjoy some of this special time too; so take a moment for yourself and relax. Life is good.

Now all we need is for Geherda to stop pretending that she is about to pop and actually lamb!
"Who me?!"


Claire said...

Wonderful pictures! I can't wait to see your lambs. We had 7 lambs here in the first week of March, now on break until the last week of April when we start again. Love the new header - very springy!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back! I love your sheep photos, thanks!

mollygolver said...

So pleased you're back again Jennie. Please pass all my best wishes to Chris when he goes in for his op. What an unsettling time for both of you. Love the pictures of your sheep.

Nancy K. said...

I'm sorry to hear that Chris is still suffering from those awful headaches! I hope the operation makes them nothing more than a bad memory.

Your flock looks wonderful! I'm glad that you take the time to sit with them when you can. Yes, I do know how soothing that can be...


Take care, my Friend!

Carol said...

Our best to Chris. Cant wait to see the lambs. I really missed peeking into your life with the sheep etc.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Always enjoy the photos and I sure hope that Chris is 'repaired' shortly. Glad to hear the dogs are keeping sane too!I better get my camera out and take more photos too tho!