Sunday, 16 November 2008

Smali Flock family planning

Today was glorious again and I woke up in the happy knowledge that I could spend all of it with my flock. As I drove down the farm track I watched for the girls coming running to the fence, but there was no sign of them. I got out and spotted them all sunning themselves on a little grassy hill. Barney (AKA Todhill Immortal Memory) was asleep in the middle of them all. I hoped that this sleepiness was due to a rather "active" time in the earlier hours!

My friend Ruth had hung up the leftovers in her horse Willis's hay net for them, but they didn't touch it until I shouted them over with a bit of feed. They're not on extra rations yet (though they soon will be to ensure they stay in tip top condition) but I wanted to get a close look at them all.

The girls enjoyed the novelty of hay for a while, but presumably they are not that hungry since they wandered off to graze without finishing it. Barney took the opportunity for an inspection!

Rosie was flirting with Barney, nibbling his horns and rubbing her cheek against his. Her persuasion soon paid off and hopefully she will now be due around the 12th April next spring! I'm really hoping for patterned grey lambs from this pairing.

I'll have to do some more swatting up on genetics!

I took a couple of fleece photos for those who like that kind of thing! Barney's fleece (top) is extremely fine and crimpy. Rosie's quite so fine but has a lovely luster and crimp. Please forgive blue fingers, I had to treat Barney's front foot. He was a real gent about it: let me put a halter on and pick up each foot in turn to check and treat him.

I must say that I felt rather proud of my flock today. They are looking rather fit, although Rebecca and Rachel still have a bit of catching up to do after being sheared so late. Even Ruby, who has been inclined to be on the skinny side for much of the summer, has put on weight and looks very well. She assures me that all that hay will come out of her fleece easily!

Gula says "don't worry, all this moss and gorse will come out easily too!"
Yea right! Looks like shearing will turn my fingers into pin cushions again next year!


Cally Quigley said...

ahh your sheep look fabulous! And what a great weekend you had to enjoy them too! :o)

Wrensong Farm said...

gorgeous fleece! I can't wait to see the lambs!