Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Frosty Walk

I had intended to post a video of Whisper's first proper lesson on sheep. However I filmed it using my new video camera and the file size is just huge so I'll have to do some shrinking!

Meanwhile you'll all just have to enjoy some frosty photos taken in one of our favourite walking spots. I know there have been lots of photos in this location, but it is lovely and en route to work every morning, so it's handy!

This was Whisper's first experience of real hard frost and to begin with she was quite taken aback. As far as Whisper is concerned, the best thing to do when faced with the unknown is bark at it. This drives me crazy, but I'm beginning to accept that this is just an integral part of her character: though I'm still hoping that she will grow out of it! First she barked at the funny white grass; then she barked at the scrunching sound made by my feet walking on it; then she stepped on herself and barked at her feet for being cold. After those first few moments however she forgot all about it and carried on as usual, making Fox and I shudder as she happily flopped her bare little belly down onto the freezing ground.
Fox and Whisper have become really good pals and play some good games together. I think Fox is a little miffed that she is already almost as quick as him. Pound for pound, Fox has the real advantage when it comes to tug of war games, however, Whisper is quick, clever and cunning and has a rather powerful scissor bite. Fox has his work cut out to beat her once she is latched on to a toy or stick!


Nancy K. said...

What beautiful photos! Is that a stone house in the first picture? I'd love to see closer photos of it. Such an exquisite area for your daily walks! And Whisper is growing into such a beauty! How nice that she'll actually get real lessons on sheep tending! Bella and I are 'winging it' and I'm sure we don't do anything "properly" but we do (somehow) manage to get the job done and ~ most of the time ~ she is a big help. ;-)

I'm enjoying seeing the seasons change on your blog. Your area actually looks somewhat similar to where I live!

Wrensong Farm said...

What great country to go walking in! Your pics almost made me reach for a sweater. :)

I think Whisper will mellow out with her barking as she least she will run out of "new" things to bark at....she is just so excited! I bet she quiets right down when she's on sheep though, doesn't she?