Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Viva Doncaster!

The national Water for Wildlife meeting was, of all places, at Potteric Carr, Doncaster this time around and so Water Vole and Wetland Conservation Officers from up and down the country gathered at this very interesting, and very man-made, nature reserve in order to discuss all things watery, ottery and, of course, voley.

We started off as a very respectable seeming bunch. We discussed topics such as the Water Framework Directive and compared Water Vole Conservation methods. We even did a spot of birding.

Predictably however we couldn't keep up this good behaviour for long, especially not when this was to be a last meeting for Chris and Helen who have done such stirling work in their respective roles of Water for Wildlife Manager and National Water Vole Conservation coordinator.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. Captions please folks, just click on the word comments below :o)

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