Sunday, 1 June 2008

Making a splash!

Yesterday, in great contrast to today, was really quite hot.
Fox cooled off in the shallow part of the river known as the "Water Splash" because it is used as a crossing during Lowther Horse Driving Trials.


Nancy K. said...

Wonderful photos!
And congratulations on Fox learning to drive! I wish there was someone nearby that I could get lessons for Bella from.

Then again, I rather like that we just work out it between the two of us and get done what needs to get done. (with neither one of us knowing what the heck we're doing!)

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks Nancy. It's great having lessons, but sometimes I feel like we make the most progress when it's just the two of us working as a team; so I know what you mean!

Kath Duckitt said...

Awsome photo's Jenny! Love them!