Friday, 13 June 2008

Little Gnu!

Oliver is alive and kicking! He has now taken well to his bottle and will simply suck from it over the stable door, which makes life much easier. You have to be so careful not to humanise foals as they can be at best a pain in the neck or at worst dangerous if they don't respect people. He looks rather like a little gnu!

It's a huge relief that Olly is feeding so well since Hutton-in-the-Forest Horse Trials, for which Kath is the Secretary (and I'm now the Media Contact) starts tomorrow! We'll all be taking a turn at sprinting up to the stables to feed.

Olly is very like his dad, Quem Foi, Kath's Luso Stallion. Quem Foi looked very pleased with himself looking out over his stable door at his first son being led to a new loose box.

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