Sunday, 13 January 2008

What a very busy weekend, but all worth it. Five more ewe lambs on the land so now we have the beginnings of a proper little flock. These girls are from Jean Bennett's Sheilhope flock.

Yesterday Chris and I made the trek to Northumberland to pick them up in the Landrover. They traveled very quietly in the back and seem to have settled very quickly. They obviously know what a bucket is and all came running this morning for some feed, not that they really need it since there is plenty of grass for them.

It was very funny to watch them meeting their new flock mates. Rosy gave me a most disgruntled look of "what are they doing in my field"as the new girls were lifted out of the landie. Rosy, Rebbecca and Rachel went leaping around the field for a few minutes in a gazelle-like manner, but all seemed calm today. Not surprisingly Rosy seems to have maintained her top sheep position and is always in the lead as they follow me around.

These little sheep are 3 fawn katmogets and 2 moorits. I would really like to have as diversely coloured a flock as possible, and they are certainly looking the part now.

Jean has named them after places in Shetland, which is a really nice idea, and last year was her "G" year, so meet Gula, Geherda, Girlsta, Gletnen and Gruna. I'm yet to know them all individually. Fox was keen to get to work, but today he had to behave and content himself with watching. Luckily the new girls are used to being worked by a dog so shouldn't be too wild.

While Chris and I were out buying sheep, Wal and Analise were at work on the land putting up more fences. We've finally got the tup paddock finished and so I can look into picking up Scully (the tup that I have my eye on). I just hope that he is not already sold to someone else...


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Thanks for introducing yourself on the Spotted Shetland list and sharing your blog addy. I love keeping up with all the different Shetland people's blogs, seeing their sheep and hearing about their lifestyles. It will be fun reading about your experiences in another country!

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks, I'm really enjoying getting to know lots of other Shetland Sheep fanatics! It is interesting to find out how Shetlands are faring in far off places.
I really need to find some more spotted Shetland breeders over here too!