Sunday, 13 January 2008

This evening I've been going through the Christmas photos again and finally uploaded the Toon-Holden-Wilde Festive Feast. Ann and Steve kindly hosted the evening in beautiful style at their new house in Northumberland. What a feast it was too: free range goose from our local farm shop, lots of delicious veggies, Ann's home made gourmet ice cream and Oak and Elder Champagne.

Fox looked on hopefully as Chris carved the goose. I don't blame him, my mouth is watering again just looking at the photos!

Ann and Steve are now headed back out to South Africa on a photography expedition. Rat bags! Their website is at which I have to plug because they support my projects so much and get them lots of publicity... and they are the only photographers to take decent pictures of me (Ones that don't look as though they belong in a fat camp album!).
Have a fab time guys and we'll see you for another nice meal when you're home and have lots of new tales to tell of giraffes and natives.

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