Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Chill out time! Thank goodness I took those extra days off.
Unfortunately the sheep managed to escape again so today wasn't quite so restful as it might have been. We've no idea how the hurdles in the fence gap fell down (they've stood through a few gales after all) but they did and the mischievous little woollies didn't miss the opportunity. After ascertaining that they were still on Wal's land, I allowed them their freedom for New Year's Day, waiting until I had an extra pair of hands before attempting to get them back (first attempts in the dark on New Year's Eve were fairly disastrous!). To my delight, they had obviously realised that the grass isn't that green outside their paddock and came running when I called them this morning. I can't wait until Fox is fully trained. He made an admirable attempt to get the sheep back for me, but it was getting really quite dark, I was rather wound up and Rosy, who was a pet lamb, proved a little too much of a challenge! She would have moved had he just a smidge more patience... and had I not passed my stress onto him causing him to push too hard. Ah well, you live and learn. Training tomorrow.

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