Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wooden Wedding Rings

So what tokens do conservationists exchange at their handfasting ceremony? We thought that wooden rings would be gorgeous and managed to find these. They are handmade in Scotland by The Wood Hut, from windfall trees.

Mine will be made from Yew, Maple and Walnut.
while Chris's will be fashioned from Oak and Yew.
All of the trees that provided these woods have ancient symbolism associated with them.

The mystical Yew is a tree of transformation and new beginnings. 

Maple tree meanings include balance, promise and practicality.

Oak is a tree representing strength and stability.

Walnut is a tree of passion, broad-horizons and spontanaety. 

Let's hope that they bring these characteristics to our marriage!


Michelle said...

How very cool! I don't wear jewelry so I'm not the most aware, but I'd never heard of wooden rings before. They're beautiful - especially Chris'.

Denise said...

Your rings are so beautiful.

Sharrie said...

Terrific idea and gorgeous rings!

Rayna said...

Very nice combinations! I love wooden rings, they have a ton on Etsy I've been drooling over hehe

Nancy K. said...

What an awesome idea! The rings are absolutely stunning and I love the symbolism...

May you both wear them in good health for all the days of your lives.

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks very much folks. They ought to be here by the end of the week. Very exciting :o)