Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Besom Broom

As part of our handfasting ceremony, Chris and I will be leaping over a broomstick!
Many people will recognise this custom as being part of old wedding ceremonies performed by Gypsies and early American slaves, when couples “Jumped the Broom” to cross the threshold of their new homes ensuring fertility, domestic harmony and longevity.  
Jumping the broom continues today in modern hand-fasting rituals, when as part of the ceremony, the bridal couple will jump across a decorated besom as conformation of their commitment to each other.  

The couple jump the besom together, hand in hand to show that they are two parts of a whole, working together towards a bright new future and all it holds. This jumping of the besom becomes a leap of faith so to speak that they take together. Faith in each other to face what life has ahead for them both good and bad. The besom broom is taken home by the couple and hung over the bed or over the front door - bringing fertility and blessings to the relationship and their home.
For Chris and I, jumping the broom will be the last stage in our ceremony before the popping of corks and general merriment commences.


Nancy K. said...

Just when will you and Chris be Jumping the Broom? I was going to say that couple bungee-jumping might be a more dramatic showing of joining your lives together and facing the future boldly ~ but I suppose it would be difficult to hang a bungee cord above your mantle or doorway...

You're going to have such a wonderful life together!

Rayna said...

*Sigh* I so wish I could be there. You guys should web broadcast it!!!!