Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dog Panniers

Fox is such a big strong dog that I've decided that I ought to be able to put all of that muscle to good use.

 So from now on he can carry his own water, ball and food on camping trips. Our first trials with an empty pack don't seem to have bothered him one bit. He stood still to have it put on and didn't pay any attention to it at all as he ran about as usual.
I'm told that once a dog gets used to carrying a load, they can take up to 15% of their bodyweight, which means that Fox can carry up to 4.3 kilos of gear! That's quite a lot and will be a big help on multi day walks.
So far Whisper has escaped having to carry anything,

This is mostly because she is a total minger who spends half her life wallowing in mud and the other half rolling in puddles!


Tattie Weasle said...

What a brilliant idea wonder if they make them for whippets...???

Owl said...

Could be great for carrying firewood back, 2 full panniers of small sticks and one long stick carried by mouth!

Jenny Holden said...

I think they'd have to be rather small panniers Tattie, but I believe they do make them!