Friday, 15 October 2010

North Pennines Wool Event

Chris and I took a trip into the wild lands of the North Pennines this Tuesday to join fellow wool enthusiasts, including our esteemed Chairman of the Shetland Sheep Society, in celebrating all things woolly.
North Pennines Wool ran an event featuring many different types of fibre craft including weaving, spinning and felting, as well as showing different types of fleece and demonstrating how to sort them.
 I was very happy to catch up with some old friends and update them on how the flock was getting on. It was particularly good to see Jean who sold me five of my original flock members.
The real highlight however was when Chris, being eagle eyed, spotted a bargain.
A beautiful second hand spinning wheel.
So now there's no excuse. I've been spinning away in the evenings and have signed up for a knitting course so that soon I might really be able to go all the way from sheep to jumper... or perhaps just to scarf for starters! I've got an awful lot of lovely fleece just waiting to be turned into something exciting.
Coming soon on this blog...
A very important horse!


Shirley said...

You are such a busy lady! I enjoyed my visit today and look forward to the post about the horse! Have a great weekend!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Since I got my alpacas I've learnt how to spin and knit and follow things through from breeding the alpacas to spinning their fleece and knitting the garment. It's great - gives you a good incentive to learn. Good luck!