Wednesday, 28 July 2010

An Icey day in July!

On Saturday and Sunday, Anastasia and I travelled to Tebay for her Icelandic Horse at Midfield Farm near Tebay. Midfield Farm is the home of the Siamber Wen Icelandic Horse Stud where Janice and Tim Hutchinson breed and train their amazing and beautiful Icelandic Horses.
Their herd numbers as many as forty Icelandics and they look fabulous high on the moorland above the farm.
Anastasia and her Icelandic Siamber Wen Trausti (born and bred at Midfield Farm) had a fairly successful competition and came fourth in the TREC obstacle test on the first day. They would have come higher had they not been penalised for being too fast!
The highlight for me was seeing Trausti in his first Pace Race. Icelandics are 5 gaited horses, the fastest gait being the flying pace, and boy is it fast, not to mention impressive to watch!
Unfortunately Trausti decided not to go right into pace on the day (I've seen him do it back up at Brenfield) but instead demonstrated a lovely canter.
One of the other horses present was setting a fine example however complete with the characteristic impressive exaggerated leg action. Her poor rider lost her stirrups!
We'll have to see how Trausti does once he has had further training in Pace!
My lines for this week are... I cannot afford an Icelandic Horse... I cannot afford an Icelandic Horse... I cannot afford... ...!


Laura said...

But the Highland ponies are cool, too... Ok, so they aren't gaited, but they're pretty high on my wishlist (even though I have 2 monster thoroughbreds).

Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip! They look smaller and sweeter than regular horses... They would almost tempt me to try riding again.

Your lines for the week are very similar to mine.... why is it we can't be independantly wealthy?


Katie in WI

Nancy K. said...

They really are lovely! My daughter wants Fresians (GIANT horses) so I told her if she raises Fresians, we can get me a Dell (Or is "Fell"?) pony. They look like little Fresians...

Good luck with that line. ;-)